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I learned a lot of things the first time I read Anthony Bourdain’s career-catapulting memoir, Kitchen Confidential. Including but not limited to: don’t order the fish on Mondays, never piss off the chef by asking for your steak well-done, and pass on the seafood frittata at brunch.

Uncle Tony regaled us with tantalizing tales of booze-soaked sous chefs, drug-addled dishwashers and philandering fry cooks, as we spelunked our way through the dark culinary caves that he led us through.

It was a fascinating behind-the-curtains look at a chef’s life, narrated with Ginsu-sharp wit and buttery-rich imagery by one of the world’s great storytellers. …


Ryan Hagen

I took a walk through this beautiful world. Journalism/Communications grad Freelancer/Traveler/Location-independent

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